My Favorite Toy (You will love it, I promise)

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It’s no secret that I am a promoter of this wonderful toy exclusively for men.

I’m a very sexual guy with an active sex life, but when my fuck-buddy isn’t available, I love using my¬†Fleshjack. This toy has an inside sleeve that feels like silk going over my cock. I like to use a warming lubricant to make it feel even more like the real thing.
When I am feeling really randy, I like to position it between the mattress and the box springs of my bed, lube it up, get on my knees and give it a good fucking. I love to play with and tug my nipples while fucking it, and it gives me the best, hardest cums ever.
Sometimes, while laying in bed, I use it – when I’m unable to sleep and need to cum quickly to relieve some tension. It works like a charm.
I also use it during sex – It’s a fun to use on yourself and your lover.
It’s an unbelievably wonderful toy.

See it in action below or check it out now -> Sin’s Favorite Toy
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