Both - boys & leaves, dance, in my October garden.


Darkness falls upon us, the clouds swell up with summer rain. And we, two men, deep in goat lust, eyes closed in deep ecstasy, our bodies heavy with intense arousal, panting, moaning - pour each other out, and onto one other.

Our swollen cocks rub frantically against each other, creating friction, making fire. Desire rushing headlong through us, a freight train, coming full force, carrying urges that can only be satisfied, by total and utter completion 

My masculine lips with a feminine softness find his, over and over. Fingers clasped, these muscled thighs wrap around his thick waist, whilst he pumps fervidly, fluidly, filling my space that quietly aches for him, infinitely, repeatedly, incessantly.

Finally, the warm rain pelts down, all over us, and around us. My lips part to taste it, as he builds his own rainstorm inside me. Our grunts and growls, quieted only by our sensuous kisses, fill the air, mingled with the sound of wind, and tepid rain. He floods me with his essence. 

The clouds begin to curl, dissipating. And the sky goes dark; black, aside from the subtle stars, that bejewel the night. Our embrace softens, as we lay exhausted, from our fleshly adventures. 

Eventually, sleep finds us, commanding us to return, as we do each night. And we go together. Slowly at first, reluctant, finally giving in. My head on his chest, his hand in mine, we drift, fulfilled, gratified - lovelorn for the next time 

© Sin Madison, 2019